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Coaching Philosophy

Aaron Marshall, Ph.D. is an executive coach with C-suite experience and nearly a decade of professional coaching experience - helping leaders and their teams take meaningful steps forward. He specializes in strengths coaching and capacity building. He has worked with high-performance up-and-comers, next level leaders, early-stage founders, and seasoned executives.


Coaching - while it often begins with a particular challenge - invites clients into a rich opportunity to reflect, learn, discover, and hone. It leads clients toward specific outcomes like accelerated growth, enriched competencies, heightened emotional intelligence, and an elevated presence. 

It takes courage to hire a coach and that's just the first step. Are you ready to take that first step?


“Aaron’s coaching style feels relaxed. He has a knack for asking penetrating questions and moving you to action.”

—  Sarah, Sr. Director

Framework for Individuals & Teams

Each client carries their own, unique sense of self, values, vocational background, and personal experiences. As such, each coaching engagement is unique - developed from particular goals and challenges. This holds equally true for teams - amplifying the variety, and adding collaborative learning/practice to the engagement.


Though the particulars vary, most individual and team coaching engagements progress through the following stages:

  1. Engagement Planning

  2. Data Collection

  3. Objective Setting & Action Planning

  4. Skill Enhancement &/or Behavior Change

  5. Results Assessment

  6. On-Going Maintenance


This framework helps to highlight important landmarks for each coaching journey. Within this framework, the coach provides the following in a safe, confidential environment:

  • Act as a Mirror

  • Facilitate Reflection

  • Support & Challenge

  • Provide Resources

  • Holistically Engage Client(s)

Workshop & Retreat Experiences

Aaron has developed and facilitated unique workshops (onsite and off), retreats, and service-learning opportunities around the globe - including the Bahamas, Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Uganda, and the United Kingdom.


Looking for a unique offsite experience for your team? Pair your team development with:

  • Sail the Bahamas

  • Explore history & culture in Cuba

  • Learn to surf in Costa Rica or Santa Barbara

  • Serve communities in Nicaragua or Uganda

  • Sip wine in Paso Robles

  • Taste scotch across Scotland


These experiences are intentionally designed to integrate some combination of team development initiatives, outdoor/adventure learning, service-learning, and rejuvenation with Aaron's coaching strategies and resources.


Each experience is designed to address specific, short-term goals or challenges facing the attending team. While suimultaneously creating space for personal reflection and group deliberation in a unique environment.



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