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Dr. Aaron Marshall is a C-suite executive with nearly a decade of professional coaching under his belt. He continues to help leaders and their teams take meaningful steps forward – specializing in strengths coaching and capacity building. Aaron has a knack and passion for helping individuals and teams identify and grow into their authentic selves for increased success in work and life.

Aaron integrates his academic background in character formation (Philosophy, MA) and personal/social development (Education, PhD) with practical business experience across a variety of settings – as a small business owner, educator, NPO founder, and Zoo COO. He has worked with a variety of clients including local government divisions, attorneys, museums, young professionals, and experienced executives – coaching individuals and developing teams through workshops, retreats, and service learning experiences.

Aaron was featured in the Pacific Coast Business Times 40 under 40 (2015) and completed a national Executive Leadership Development Program (2018). He also teaches adjunct for Westmont College and serves as affiliate faculty at Penn State's Kurt Hahn Consortium for Values and Experiential Learning.

Aaron and his brilliant wife Janay have three children. In the event that some portion of their lives goes un-programmed, you’ll find them enjoying life together – hiking, biking, paddling, skating, or surfing locally.

Who doesn't love a good story? 

Aaron's parents wove incredible tales at bedtime and around campfires, and he caught his mother's passion for writing at an early age. The result? A wild imagination. 

Aaron writes to ignite imagination and inspire a larger vision for life in his own children and other readers.
 Just as Grandpa - from the Story Keeping Series - guides and mentors characters Riles, Sissie, and Finn, Aaron hopes to carry forward a legacy of story keeping in his own writing. The twists and turns in his children's adventures will, as grandpa says, “tickle the hair in your ears.”

How did Aaron end up spinning these tales? 

A few standout teachers - Mrs. Orona (4th), Mrs. Avery (11th), and Dr. Joliff (undergrad) - tricked him into thinking he could do anything - especially writing. It’s taken time for these stories to move from his mind to page. As they do, they grow - with characters choosing their own way. 

Aaron loves this partnership - between his imagination and the life his characters take. They live in a world similar to ours - where Good and Evil battle for our hearts and minds. In this way, Aaron writes to expose readers to this broader battle - where we become heroes who make a difference in a broken world. 

Like Riles, Aaron hopes to be a little more heroic when the sun sets, and he hopes you'll want the same. 


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